React Native Bootcamp for Beginners & Make 20 Projects

React Native Bootcamp for Beginners & Make 20 Projects

The practical way to learn React Native, using Project based approach. We will build 20 Projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Developing iOS and Android apps using React Native
  • React Native
  • Expo
  • Integrating Payments
  • Integrating Firebase into React Native apps
  • Working with Backend for React Native apps
  • Integrating APIs into React Native apps


  • Basic of JavaScript will be beneficiary


Welcome to the React Native Bootcamp for Beginners. In this course, You will learn The React Native using a Project-based approach. we will make more than 20 projects.

What is React Native?

Well, it’s the library, using React Native we can produce Native iOS and Android apps.

And most importantly, using the Same code.

React Native is used by many big companies, and it’s a very popular approach to make Good Quality, high performance, reliable apps for Business.

What are the apps that we are going to make in this course?

  1. Flip A Coin
  2. Roll the Dice
  3. Drum Pad App
  4. Weather App
  5. News App
  6. Remember it app
  7. Quiz (Trivia) App
  8. Text To Speech App
  9. Payment App
  10. Contact App
  11. And More…

What topics are covered?

  1. Flexbox
  2. Layouts
  3. Components
  4. React Hooks
  5. React Class-based components
  6. React Functional Components
  7. React Navigation
  8. API integration in React Native
  9. Payments integration in React Native (Stripe)
  10. Firebase integration in React Native
  11. React Native and Expo
  12. Design Basics (Bonus)

For more, check the curriculum.

Some information about me:

My name is Dhruvil, I am a Freelance Mobile App Developer. through my experience, I have crafted this course to make you be able to do freelance work or job by making good quality apps using React Native & Expo.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s meet inside the Course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner React Native Course
  • Practical way to Learn React Native
  • Practical way for Learning to Make Android and iOS Apps

Course content

23 sections • 160 lectures • 11h 27m total length
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to React Native
  • Getting Started with React Native
  • Learning Styles and Layout
  • Exploring Components
  • Creating Custom Component
  • Ready made libraries for Layouts & Components
  • Flip A Coin App
  • Roll The Dice App
  • Drum Pad App
  • Text to Speech App
  • Remember it app
  • Weather App using API
  • Quiz (Trivia) App using API
  • News app using Wordpres API (WP API)
  • Basic Video Streaming app With Backend Strapi
  • Contact app using Firebase
  • Accept Payments in App
  • Configuration of App.json
  • Tips for Making Portfolio
  • How to get Work?
  • Conclusion
  • (Bonus Section) Design Basics
Created by: Dhruvil Patel, Developer, Designer and Instructor
Last updated 4/2020
English [Auto]
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