Python: Coding Guidelines, Tooling, Testing and Packaging

Python: Coding Guidelines, Tooling, Testing and Packaging

Step ahead in your Python career and learn about PEP8, Unit-Testing, Type Annotations and Python Package Management.

What you’ll learn

  • The Coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)
  • Tooling with Pylint, Flake8, Autopep8, Black etc.
  • Type Annotations and Mypy
  • The usage of Debugging, Profiling, Timing and Unit Testing
  • The creation of own Python packages
  • The creation of a modern HTML documentation
  • The usage of continouos integration tools


  • Be able to work with your operating system and the terminal
  • You should know the Python basics (Variables, Functions, Classes etc.)


Course description:

The course covers advanced Python programming techniques.
This means that the course is not intended for programming beginners.


❗ Variables and Data Types
❗ Logic and Conditions
❗ Functions and Classes
❗ Working with pip and external Packages (e.g. numpy)

The Course has the following Topics:

☑️ The Coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)
☑️ The usage of Type Annotations and MyPy
☑️ The usage of Debugging, Profiling, Timing and Unit Testing
☑️ The creation of own Python packages
☑️ The creation of a modern HTML documentation
☑️ The usage of continouos integration tools

Step ahead in your Python career an join this course!

Who this course is for:

  • (Junior) Python developer who want to master the language

Course content

5 sections • 38 lectures • 5h 8m total length
  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Software
  • Chapter 2: Coding Guidelines and Docstrings
  • Chapter 3: Debugging, Unit-Testing and Timing
  • Chapter 4: Packaging
  • Chapter 5: Course conclusion
Created by: Jan Schaffranek Master in Informatik, AI Entwickler und Udemy Dozent
Last updated 1/2021
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