Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews Udemy

Master the Coding Interview- Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews Udemy free download -

Ace the Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix coding interviews. Step by step guide for their toughest questions!

Coding Interview

Created by Andrei Neagoie, Yihua Zhang

Last updated 11/2020
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What you’ll learn

  • Ace the coding interview at the top tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix + others)
  • Step by step guide to common questions, how to solve them, optimize, and present them during Coding Interview
  • The ultimate resource to prepare for coding interviews, tech interviews and Coding Interview
  • Learn exactly what you need to answer difficult questions and the framework you need for ANY kind of questions they throw at you
  • Use the right Data Structures and Algorithms to pass coding interview questions that have the optimal solution
  • Become a better developer by mastering computer science fundamentals


  • No previous computer science knowledge necessary
  • Basic understanding of one programming language
  • If you have the ambition to learn and get into one of these companies we will make it achievable for you! (see our student success stories) – Coding Interview


Brand new course ready for the 2021 hiring season! Join a live online community of over 350,000+ engineers and a course taught by industry experts that have actually worked both in Silicon Valley and Toronto at top tech firms. Graduates of ZTM courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook + other top tech companies.

Want to land a job at a great tech company like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, or other companies but you are intimidated by the interview process and the coding questions? Do you find yourself feeling like you get “stuck” every time you get asked a coding question? This course is your answer. Using the strategies, lessons, and exercises in this course, you will learn how to land offers from all sorts of companies. This is the ultimate resource to prepare you for coding interviews. Everything you need in one place!

The goal of the course isn’t to tell you: “Do 100 interview questions and hope you memorize their answers.” NO! Our goal is to use the hand selected common interview questions to give you a framework to answer ANY interview question that these companies may throw at you. Instead of trying to memorize common questions, we teach you the principles and fundamentals that you can use to notice certain common patterns in questions so that any question that you get, you have a framework to answer and be confident in your programming interview.

You will also get access to our private online community with thousands of developers online to help you get through the course and the interview!

Here is what you will learn to use in this course while answering the interview questions step by step with us:


1. Big O Notation – Coding Interview

2. Data Structures Used:

  * Arrays

* Hash Tables

  * Singly linked lists

  * Doubly linked lists

  * Stacks


  * Binary Trees

  * Binary Search Trees

  * Tries

* N-ary Trees

  * Min/Max Heaps

  * Priority Queues

  * 2-D Arrays/ Matrices

plex subjects that you never thought would be possible.


Yihua Zhang is one of the Instructors of Zero To Mastery, one of the highest rated and fastest growing Web Development academies on Udemy. He has been working as a software developer for numerous years in Toronto for some of the largest tech companies in the world. He has also been working as an instructor for more than a decade. He is focused on bringing everything he has learned to help you achieve a new career as a developer, but also give you all the fundamental skills required to flourish in this incredible industry.

Yihua is a self taught developer, so he fully understands the challenges and mindset of coming into this industry from various other backgrounds. He has been on both sides of the table, as both an instructor and student numerous times so he can empathize with the difficulty of learning something new and challenging. Learning itself is a skill that needs to be practiced and improved upon, and he is dedicated to helping you improve and master that skill for yourself.

Courses need to be practical, you need to be able to understand why you are learning the things that you are being taught. You need to understand the problem before you know the solution, and he prides himself on teaching you how to build professional, real world applications so you truly understand why you are doing things a specific way. He will teach you the mindset and skillset required to grow as a developer as fast as possible, so you can have the rich and fulfilling life that comes with this career.

Yihua’s courses will guide you to build beautifully written and richly featured applications, while truly understanding all the complex concepts you will encounter along the way.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to work a Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix or other top tech companies
  • Any engineer, developer, programmer, who wants to improve their interviewing skills
  • Anyone interested in improving their whiteboard coding skills
  • Anyone who wants to become a better developer
  • Any self taught programmer who missed out on a computer science degree

Size: 15.92GB


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