Learn Java Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Boot JPA, Security

Learn Java Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Boot JPA, Security

Spring, Autowiring, REST API, AOP, Dependency Injection, Spring Security

What you’ll learn

  • What is Dependency Injection, Setter DI, Constructor DI, Bean Life Cycle, Spring Autowiring, and how to use it?
  • What is Spring Aspect Oriented Programming, Aspect, Before Advice, After Advice, Around advice?
  • What is REST API? How to use Spring Boot, to create REST API end points with GET, POST, PUT, DELETE Http methods
  • How to use Spring Boot JPA, to interact with Database?
  • Spring Boot JPA, One to One, Many to One, Many to Many Entity mappings
  • Spring Security, InMemory Authentication, Database Authentication
  • What is Actuator? How to perform Remote Application Monitoring with Actuator?
  • What is Lazy Loading of Spring Beans?
  • Spring Boot Auto Configuration, External Configuration


  • Knowledge in Core Java
  • Knowledge in Maven


This course covers below Topics in detail, with practical examples, downloadable Maven projects included in this course, for Learner’s practicing purpose

  1. Spring, Autowiring, REST API, AOP, Dependency Injection,
  2. Spring Boot JPA, JpaRepository, CrudRepository, Entity Relationships(One  to One, One  to Many/Many to One, Many to Many)
  3. Spring Security, WebSecuirtyConfigurerAdapter, Authentication, Authorization Method Level Security
  4. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE with Path Parameters and Query Parameters
  5. Sending JSON data using Postman tool to test REST APIs
  6. RestControllers, Services, Repositories
  7. You will be able to develop enterprise applications using Spring Boot Framework

More topics will be added shortly

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers
  • Java Full Stack Developers
  • Developers who aspire to learn/develop Microservices
  • Developers who are aspiring to use RESTful web Services, SOA(Service Oriented Architecture)

Course content

12 sections • 41 lectures • 11h 35m total length
  • Spring Core and AOP
  • Spring Boot REST
  • Spring Boot Custom Configuration Properties
  • Spring Boot Logging
  • Spring Boot JPA
  • Validations & Custom Queries
  • Custom Methods(Derived Query Methods)/Queries in Repository
  • CrudRepository, PagingAndSortingRepository, JpaRepository
  • How to deal with Date & Time fields in Entity class and in Repository?and Index
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • Spring Boot Security
  • Spring Boot Project Structure and Best Practices
Created by: Suresh Kumar Reddy, 20 Years Software Dev. exp.
Last updated 1/2021
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