Java Developers: Double Your Coding Speed with IntelliJ IDEA


IntelliJ IDEA is built on the principle that every minute a developer spends in the flow is a good minute, and things that break developers out of that flow are bad and should be avoided.

This course is built with ergonomic ideas in mind, to help you make the most out of an IDE. We’re going to explore what are the features that actually make us more productive.


How to Configure IntelliJ IDEA to Keep You in the Flow State

  • How to Configure IntelliJ with economics in mind
  • How to Setup IntelliJ in order to navigate faster
  • How to use all IntelliJ many tools without breaking our focus.
  • How to make IntelliJ move fast to not disturb your creative flow
  • Find useful features that you actually never used

Making Use of Code Completion

  • Real-life use cases for Complete Current Statement
  • Real-life use cases for Smart Completion
  • Real-life use cases for CamelCase Completion
  • Real-life use cases for Postfix Completion

How to Avoid Common Interruptions in Daily Coding

  • How to avoid going back to fix already-typed expression
  • How to create everything from within the code editor with the least friction

IntelliJ IDEA Templates for Spring Boot Application

  • How to generate boilerplate code for common SpringBoot application
  • How to use and create Live and File Templates

Refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA

  • How IntelliJ facilitates the process of refactoring
  • Explore automatic refactoring capabilities of IntelliJ
  • Hands-on refactoring examples and how IntelliJ helps to reduce mistakes while changing the code

Database Tools

  • How we can use IntelliJ IDEA to connect to a PostgreSQL database
  • How to make use of the IntelliJ support for Spring Data
  • Generate diagrams of the database schema
  • Manage code entities
  • Run queries from the codebase

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to accelerate their productivity by taking the most out of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Developers who want to discover ergonomics aspects of an IDE
  • Developers who want to maximize their time spent in a flow state
  • Developers who want to use IntelliJ IDEA like a pro


  • Knowledge of the Java language is required
  • Basics of IntelliJ IDEA


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