German for You Intermediate: Business Language & More

German for You Intermediate- Business Language & More

German language course A2-B2 for formal & business language. Native German instructor, explanations in English.

Formal German and business language is different from everyday language. How German business language is different from general German is one thing you will learn in this course. This knowledge is essential for your language acquisition because you need to know on which areas of the language you have to concentrate.

From each of those areas I collected material that is especially useful for studying formal and Business German. We will create a very solid foundation for you, and you will learn a lot of words, expressions and phrases. You will be able to apply these in various situations, correctly and in an adequate context.

Apart from specific areas of language acquisition, I will also give you some additional information to enable you to keep on studying after having completed this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate, higher intermediate and advanced students of German
  • Students of German who want to be able to speak more formal and sound more competent, e.g. in writing
  • Students of German who want to use German in a business environment


  • Your reading comprehension and knowledge of German grammar should be on an intermediate level. If your German is on a lower level, you will likely still be able to follow as I included many translations and the explanations are in English. In that case, you might not be able to understand all the structures that are used in the example sentences. As the relevant grammar points are not actually taught in this course, you would have to acquire that knowledge elsewhere.


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