Create a REAL Social Network like Facebook in PHP + MySQL

Learn how to create your very own Social Networking website from scratch! A COMPLETE walkthrough!

Bestselling Created by Reece Kenney Last updated 6/2017 English What Will I Learn?

  • Create a full scale social networking website like Facebook or Twitter, including features such as newsfeeds, profiles, friend system, chat system, trending posts and much more!
  • Program proficiently in PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Program using an OO (Object Oriented) approach
  • Know how to easily use MySQL databases with your website
  • Understand how to register domain names and put your new site on the web!


  • A computer (I am using a Mac)
  • A text editor to program in (I use Sublime Text 2)


Ever wondered how Facebook works? Ever wanted to create your own social media website? This course will show you, step by step, how to create your own social networking website similar to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Your finished site will have tons of cool features such as status posts, newsfeeds, user profiles, chat/messaging systems, friend systems and much more

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced programmer, this course will be greatly beneficial to you. By the end of this course you will be more than competent with skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript and MySQL. To have these skills on your portfolio/resumé will make you highly desirable to potential employers as it proves that you have an understanding of all aspects of web development. Who is the target audience?

  • In this course you will use HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and JQuery. Although we will use all of these skills, no prior experience with them is needed. Of course, you may pick things up a little faster if you have used them before, but at the start of the course, things are explained in ways that target people who have never used the skill before. Because this course appeals to beginners as well as as experienced users, it may seem a little slow paced at the start especially if you have prior programming experience. Bare with it though because it does pick up. If you are an experienced programmer, you may not learn much about the skills but you may learn how to structure a social media website. Some of the techniques and methods used are not the most efficient way to do things (e.g. we use procedural MySQLI statements), but in my opinion, they are the easiest to teach in a short amount of time and easiest to pick up having never used the skills before. Feel free to swap bits of code with your preferred methods.

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